Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are You There Blender? It's Me ...

One of my new year's resolutions is to overall treat my body better. Workout consistently. Eat better. Get More Sleep. All together have more energy!

I've noticed over the past few months I've been kind of...blegh. For lack of a better sound. I've had this problem before: low energy, constant sniffles, sleeping for hours thenwaking up tired. What it all comes down to is that I'm not taking care of myself.

Though there are many contributing factors, I've realized the one I can control right now is my diet. Like most Americans--I don't eat enough vegetables and fruits. I don't particularly like eating raw vegetables. Actually I do but it aggravates my TMJ-stricken jaw. And I have never been creative about cooking them in interesting, flavorful way.

So while I'm figuring that cooking part, I've decided to dust off my favorite kitchen device.

The Blender.

If I wasn't a poor recent graduate I'd have a juicer but the blender will have to do. One handful of spinach, mango, mixed berries and beets at a time, I plan to drink to my health.

So far so good. I just finished a mixed greens and mango smoothie.

The question for you dear readers is:

Well-seasoned adults and Gen Y'ers alike, how do you meet your vegetable & fruit quota each day? Any recipes you want to share?


The Financialite said...

Try yogurt and dried fruit like cranberries and apples! They are a quick snack and will help you reach your quota each day.

Please feel free to check my site out too at as I am a twenty something blogger as well and would love your advice!

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