Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Read 1.6.2011

The first weekend read of 2011 focuses on the future...

1. What Does Temp Hiring Say about the Drop In Unemployment? [Time]
2. Where To Get Income These Days [FreeMoneyFinance]
3. College Isn't About The Boys: Why Women's Colleges Still Matter [USA Today College]
4. Best Money Tips: Part-time Jobs With Benefits [Wisebread]
5. Ponytail Height and Intelligence: What Our Hair Says About Us [HerCampus]
6. Lady Tears are Total Boner-Killers [Jezebel]

Number Three is a blog all its own. I went to an all-girl's high school and this article is spot on. Number Six just got lots of talk with my friends on Twitter.


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