Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Read: Caroline On Crack & other LA Event blogs

When you're new to LA, the weekend hits and you're coolest. So if you are looking to find some weekend activities, look no further than Weekend Read!

Driving into work, I heard Carson Daly discussing Caroline on Crack, and she gave us the weekend low down on LA happenings. What I like about Caroline's blog is that it's actually a blog, not a just a listing of events or a newsletter. It's easy to read and keep track of unlike Daily Candy or Thrillist (great resources, but a little overwhelming at times).

Check her out and more for this Weekend Read:

Caroline on Crack

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Daily Candy LA

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In need of travel tips?

I stumbled across this article from Savvy Sugar about flying with Southwest. So many great tips that are much more efficient than my regular strategy, which is get there at 6am so you don't have any problems.

I'm also a fan of George Clooney's slip-on shoe observation from Up In the Air

What about you all? Do you have any useful tips for train, bus and air travel?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nifty Tools To Keep You On Track

I've been slacking on my blog writing and on my blog reading. My department workload at the office has been kicked up a notch from the summer so I've been playing with new scheduling and organizational tools.

1) GoogleReader, GoogleCalendar...just Google
It's amazing how Google has completely streamlined my life. My company depends heavily on Microsoft Outlook but being a Mac person, this internet juggernaut is fulfilling my needs. I can use documents to edit budgets and spreadsheets wherever I can log in. My Google Calendar not only has my social schedule but I also have been adding group exercise classes at various YMCAs in the LA area so if I want to stop in I can. I do need to work on my use of Google Tasks

I'm convinced that Mint is the tool that keeps me from going into post-graduate debt. I've placed my excel budget into Mint and it tracks my credit card spending. So I know if I spent too much on movies or need to make my car payment. However, I don't like how it mislabels line items from time to time especially money spent at restaurants, fast food, and groceries.

3) LinkedIn
If you aren't on LinkedIn, what are you doing? In this age when your future employer is pre-screening your internet presence, there is no better way to re-emphasize your candidacy than to have a complete LinkedIn. I also recommend placing it in your email signature, you never know if your aunt's niece is going to be your future boss thanks to a few clicks.

What are your favorite online organizational and career tools? Any I should try out?