Monday, July 18, 2011

Today I Tried Something New

This summer has definitely been adventures. I have met new people in LA, tried new things I have always wanted to do (hiking! UCB!), and now I've made a lifestyle choice.

I have hired a personal trainer. I had my first appointment today and boy was it tough. My trainer bases most of her workouts in boot camp style training. I have always been afraid of bootcamps because they seem uncompromising. And they are!

But I'm glad I went this route. At one point I know I got a little short with her because she was super chatty. I love it byt when I'm doing lunges for a minute per leg...I get a little snippy. Especially if it's my left leg. Sorry!

Overall, I feel better than ever. I had a good time and I came out feeling like I had a great workout and a calendar for the next week. It looks like:

Monday: Rest + Stretch, watch Another Earth!

Tuesday: 30-40 Minutes of Cardio, Burn 400-500 calories

Wednesday: Pushups/Situps + Softball Game

Thursday: Training

Friday: 30 Minutes of Incline Walking, Core 7 minutes

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Strength Training

Sounds fun no? I'll let you know how it goes.


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