Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post Grad (re)Connections

It's a rainy cold day in Los Angeles and while perusing Twitter, I found this great USA Today Education blog, "15 Things I've learned as a Post-Grad" by Charlsie Niemiec.

All fifteen points are very well thought out and I've come to many of the same conclusions in the last year.

But Number Seven is my favorite.

7. Reconnecting with friends you lost contact with isn’t such a bad idea.
After graduation, everyone goes his or her own way, so you never know who might
surprise you in hopes of reconnecting.

Best point ever. Not only does this apply to real friends---but missed connections. Acquaintances and classmates you only know through email and facebook.

You know back in your sophomore year when you took that class about Ancient Chinese Art and you had the presentation partner who was actually a cool kid? But then you never kept in touch.

That happened a lot to me. Especially at NYU. In a school of 35,000 undergraduates it is expected. But as an LA transplant, the NYU in LA kids really seek each other out.

I met up for lunch with an old classmatefrom a sophomore year who I have not seen for literally three and half years. But I noticed that he moved to LA (thanks Facebook) and we met up.

It was great! Such a good idea because I feel like had I gone to smaller school--we would have been friends.

I encourage you, readers, not only to have a LinkedIn and a Facebook but to also be brave and reach out to people you haven't talked to in a long time. After college, everyone loses their footing and has to start over again--worst case they ignore you.

Good luck!


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