Friday, August 19, 2011

All Roads Lead To Rome: Navitagating Post Grad Life

I popped in to visit a few friends after work last night. We're all about a year out of college and it's interesting to see where are paths have taken us.

One of us is working something close to her dream job but works such crazy hours that it's a miracle to hear from her more than once a week.

Myself and another friend work steady jobs with fluctuating hours. I think hers is closer to something she wants to do long term than mine but overall, we're pretty happy.

Another friend just dropped down to part-time at her sales job to make time to break into another industry.

We complained about a lot of things--our hours, our bosses, our salaries, our coworkers. But then my one friend piped up and said that "All roads lead to Rome."

I've always said "What's meant to happen, will happen." But I realize this is a passive outlook on life and our career. I like my friend's phrase better because it tells you that you can't just wait for the "right" job to fall into your lap. You have to walk down the road.

Happy Friday!


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