Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Read: Advice about Life, The Universe and Everything

  1. Why Maddi Gilje should Stay At NYU (NYU Local)

To fully appreciate this story you have to find all the Maddi Gilje articles on NYU Local but this really resonated with me, even as a post grad. These articles are chronicling the a new chapter of Maddi's life. How we dream big and are often disappointed with the initial circumstances of this new chapter. Completely applicable to post-grad life as well--the message is don't give up!

2. How Millenial Women Are Shaping Our Future (Huffington Post)

I've always loved Lindsey's perspective on Gen Y and she's got it right here. Look at all the women starting their own businesses today and making a difference in other ways.

And those are my two articles for this week's weekend read. Be inspired!


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