Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Read 11.12.10

A day late but what the heck! Welcome to Weekend Read.

Since I've moved out of my old apartment and into a new place with a new roommate, I'm trying to make this one a keeper! Tips below. Also some posts on getting some holiday shopping deals. I'm eyeballing some American Apparel v-necks.

  1. Splitting the Bills With Your Roommate [Fabulous and Frugal]
  2. Why Your Roommate Might Secretly Hate You [Her Campus]
  3. Best Deals Around the Internet [Fat Wallet]
  4. American Apparel's November Sale [Frugal Diva]
  5. Oldie But Goodie--Memo:You Are Not Your Job [Life After College]
Read on!


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