Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Read: First Edition

Borrowing a term from the entertainment industry, it's time for Weekend Read! One of my favorite hobbies is finding new blogs only to be both jealous and motivated by their talent. Here are my shares this week (in addition to LearnVest of course).

Domestik Goddess If you are feeling crafty or have an urge to start a herb garden, look here for inspiration. Not only is DG funny but her advice is user-friendly for the domestically challenged like myself.

BlissTree Okay google, you have me stumped on how this showed up as a "Frugal Living" blog but I do enjoy it. I'm loving the news about smoke free parks in New York (yes please). I don't however like the slideshow about Overweight Celebrities by Caroline. It's not very becoming.

Finally, this article on FitCeleb about Trainer Bob's Walk for Farm Animal rights. You can read more about Farm Sanctuary here.


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