Monday, January 11, 2010

The blog Where I Grow Up?

Hi all, Empty Pocket Grad here. Yes I made a whole new gmail and blog account so I could chronicle my transition from college to the real world.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I'm about to finish my senior year at a NYC university and like most Gen Yer's, I'm using a blog to figure out my life. Everywhere I went over winter break, people ask me "What are you going to do when you graduate?" I have some pretty good ideas, but I realized I have a few obstacles to overcome.

1) I cannot cook. I love food but I was happy I made deviled eggs for New Year's. As a result, I'm going to use this blog to force myself to learn, post pictures of my new creations (failures included, because part of life is failing miserably).

2) I need to get a job. In this economy and particularly in my media industry, job-hunting is a bit messy. I love writing about job hunting resources, tips, etc--so I hope I can share some of my revelations with you.

3) Personal finance. I'm not horrible on this one, but it's so hard to keep yourself on a budget. In my disconnected campus life, it feels like it's always "let's get coffee, tea, lunch." And while I enjoy all those things, it kills my bank account. So I've made spending limits for myself this semester so I can save money to move. Let's see how long my good habits last.

4) Other post-graduate things: staying healthy, finding cheap, free things to do, helping others.

5) Whatever else I want to blog about. Because I'm entitled to blog about anything I want.

Signing off,

The Empty Pocket Grad.


Christina said...

Yay for first post! I can relate when you say everyone constantly asks "what are you doing when you graduate?" I usually just look at them and shurg :)
I look forward to reading more...esp about your job hunting stories and adventures!

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