Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch

Today I packed my lunch, a yummy turkey, baby greens, & hummus sandwich on whole grain bread. I have my own reasons for packing my lunch but according to twitter, there are many other reasons to pack a lunch.

1. It's better for the environment. According to Go Green, Live Rich, by David Bach, take-out packaging creates 1.8 tons of litter per year. Plus, there are still many takeout establishments that use plastic packaging that just sits in landfills.

2. It's healthier for you. Unless you are lucky enough to live in a major city, most fast food joints don't list their calorie counts directly on their menus. With limited portion control capabilities, it's easy to overeat. Even if you do live somewhere like NYC, according to the NYTimes, those calories counts might not be so accurate.

3. Packing will save you money. Period. In the past two weeks, I've saved an average of $40 a week. Or $120 a month, which covers my grocery bill and then some.

4. Better use of your lunch hour. Take a stroll around the block, hit them gym, or do some window shopping instead of waiting in line at the nearest cafe.

But what if you eat out to socialize and get out of the office? Meet up with your friend at a local park and eat your lunch there. If you are going to a fast food place or a cafe, take your lunch and take a seat. Sometimes when my Cosi obsessed friends really want Cosi, I go across the street to get something else and sit with them. Sure it may not seem kosher, but as long as one of the people at the table made a purchase from the restaurant, you can bring your own lunch and be social.


Chow and Chatter said...

great tips love it

sarah said...

And I think that I have more choice when I pack my lunch. I can always (planning permitting) make the thing I really want to eat. Thanks for the ideas. It's amazing that the savings from making lunch covers your grocery bills! Fantastic.

Empty Pocket Grad said...

Isn't it sad that eating out costs so much? Unless I eat Subway everyday, it is at least 8-9 dollars per meal in midtown manhattan.

I'd like to have more choice, I'm working on my food prep & cooking skills so one day I can!

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